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Customized Seminars:

- Tired of training?                                                                                                Together we customize the seminar by providing an interactive experience that will best meet your organizational needs.

 Executive Coaching:                                              

- Lonely at the top?                                                                                   We can be your objective, confidential sounding board.      

 Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution:             

- Conflict eroding your productivity?                                                              We'll help mediate successful dispute resolution.

- Not sure how to create an environment that encourages conflict management?    Our process provides a safe atmosphere that allows participants to speak freely, share ideas and manage conflict that sometimes can't be resolved immediately.

- Is there an elephant in the room that needs to be identified?                                     We'll help you name it, evaluate it and bring it down to size.

 Meeting Facilitation:

- Tired of facilitators that get in the way of your agenda?                                                 We promise to get you to where you want to go without getting in the way!

- Concerned about finishing on time?
We meet your expectations in the time allotted!

- Tired of watching the clock during boring meetings?
Our facilitators make time fly!

Strategic Planning:  

- Are you concerned about not being sure where you are headed?                             We'll help you get your bearings.  

- Are you concerned that the day to day needs of the organization get in the way of visioning for future success?                                                                    We'll facilitate a visioning process that won't get in the way of visioning for future success.   

- Are you frustrated that your strategic plans seem to be going nowhere?             We'll revitalize your plans.                                                          

Team Development:

- Do your employees find themselves in a cubicles feeling all alone?                 We've developed tools and resources that will help employees feel connected and productive working together as a team.   

- Can't quite get the group together?                                                              We'll provide a team building experience that will knock their socks off!

- You've got a great group, why can't they get it together?                                   We have operational guidelines to increase team effectiveness that we'll use to get then together.       

- Can't remember the last time you or your leadership team stopped, looked and listened to your impact on the organization?                                                      Our executive assessments will help you and your leadership team understand your impact and how to maintain what's working and change what's not.

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