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Comments from our client's experience with Voyageur One are welcomed and appreciated!  Just click on the "Subscribe"  button at the bottom of this page to enter your comments. Thank You!

"Voyageur One Inc., has Outplacement Services that provide the tools and motivation  to get participants to the next phase intheirareers. The Outplacement program guides everyone on their own path and can be customized based on individual needs. Their services offer:

Personal Support

  • Professional Connections
  • Alternate Career Exploration
  • Structuring Search Strategy
  • Career Coaching
  • Accountability Groups

...and much more 

The ultimate goal is for the individual to select, find, choose, or create a new career opportunity. It is motivating to have an organized program that can help keep people   on track to achieve their goals."

Grisela Rodriguez, SPHR,                                                                                Human Resources Consultant


"I found the people at Voyageur One to be very insightful and helpful. Their experience in the hiring process and coaching were candid and on point.  They are also willing to help even after the face to face time is finished.  I would recommend them if you are unfortunately put into a job displacement situation."
Dave Persenaire

Voyageur One. Inc. ~ info@voyageur-one.com ~ (630) 613-7730