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Human Resources Consulting

- Do you have a small HR department and are concerned that it lacks the infrastructure needed to provide the services that are demanded of such a department?                                                                                                Our Human Resource experts will conduct an assessment of your current HR practices to identify strengths and make recommendations around areas of vulnerability.          

- Do you have HR compliance concerns?                                                           We'll define potential liabilities and provide recommendations around areas of vulnerability.

- Do you have projects that aren't getting done or are short-staffed in your HR department but don't want the expense of additional employees?                        We'll provide on-site experts for limited or long-term engagements.         

Outplacement Services Via Our Career Navigation Discovery Process

- Are you concerned about your employees' best fit and their career development within your organization?                                                                           Our career consultants will assist identified employees in maximizing their career potential within your organization.

- Are you currently faced with the challenge of layoffs and want to place your employees in the hands of an organization you can trust?                               We'll provide your employees with the tools and resources they need to help them quickly and positively transition to a new journey.

- Are you a small or family-owned business considering succession planning and need help evaluating those in line for succession?                                          Our career consultants can work directly with those individuals to identify their strengths and limitations in order to contribute to the ongoing success  of the small to mid-sized company.

Talent Discovery

- Does the term "search firm" turn you off ?                                                     Let us turn you on -think talent! We are experts in identifying the talent that will meet your objectives and align with your vision.

- Having difficulty finding executive candidates with the right leadership, desire, skills and fit?                                                                                            We offer a unique process that yields candidates who not only have the skills required but will also align with the company culture.

- Are you tired of searching for a needle in a haystack?                                    We avoid the traditional recruiting haystacks and rely on our extensive network of professional candidates that align with your organization's needs.

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